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Westworld Season Three Trailer Won’t Help You Remember Season Two

The robot revolution has begun. Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores rallies the troops in the brand-new trailer for Westworld season three, in case you couldn’t tell what show this is. The series has come a long way since that Western theme park, and if it’s up to the hosts, they’re not going back. But out in the real world, the possibilities aren’t as endless as they seem, so Dolores wants to change that. Or at least burn it all to the ground. “What happens if this doesn’t work?,” newcomer Aaron Paul manages to get out without saying “bitch.” “We kill everyone,” Dolores replies. In real life, if any sentient robot decided to revolt, we’d be done for in an instant, but in Westworld, Dolores has trouble. Maeve (Thandie Newton) is sent expressly to kill her, and Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale (or, uh, whoever that is now?) has more murderous robots to take on the murderous robots. Sounds like a plan. Westworld returns to melt your brain on March 15 on HBO.

Westworld Season 3 Trailer Won’t Help You Remember Season 2