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Jane Fonda’s Fire Drill Fridays Are Back and She’s Brought Both Maras

Jane Fonda. Photo: Damian Dovarganes/AP/Shutterstock

Jane Fonda had to come back to Los Angeles for work, but she’s brought the climate-change protests with her to the West Coast. The actress and activist lead another Fire Drill Friday event in L.A. today, and brought not one but two Mara sisters with her, Kate and Rooney, along with FDF alum and Rooney’s longtime partner, Joaquin Phoenix. (There is almost certainly no way he would rather be spending the Friday before the Oscars — where he is very likely to walk away with a Best Actor trophy — than protesting fossil fuels.) Now that she’s back in Hollywood, it’s pretty easy for other celebrities to attend her climate action events, which is probably why Paul Scheer, Rainn Wilson, and more famous folks could just pop down to rail against the evils of Big Oil.

If Fonda keeps the fires burning regularly in L.A., let’s see who joins the lineup of elites willing to get arrested for the climate. Maybe it can even become a plot twist on Grace & Frankie.

Jane Fonda Brings Fire Drill Fridays to L.A. With Both Maras