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Ozzy Osbourne Very Confidently Casts Jason Momoa to Play Him in New Music Video

Warning: “The following trailer has been approved by bat-loving audiences to accompany Ozzy Osbourne’s new album Ordinary Man.” That’s the disclaimer at the top of Ozzy Osbourne’s new promotional teaser for “Scary Little Green Men,” a track off his new album Ordinary Man, out today. In the minute-long clip, we see a hooded figure trudge down a dark hallway towards a microphone. Is it the Prince of Darkness himself? The Grim Reaper? Thelonious the Hooded Henchman from Shrek? No, you fools, it’s Jason Momoa, lip-syncing for his life and doing a rockin’ Ozzy impression. Yes, he even shoves an ossified-looking bat in his mouth right at the end. The 11-track album Ordinary Man, out today, features Post Malone, Elton John, and Travis Scott. Ozzy, Sharon, and Kelly Osbourne also released a cute video showing you how you can stream it: “Ozzy, you just tap to play.”

In January, Ozzy revealed that he is struggling with Parkinson’s disease, telling Good Morning America that it’s “been terribly challenging for us all.” A few days later, Ozzy and Sharon presented at the Grammy Awards. On February 17, Osbourne canceled the North American leg of his upcoming tour for medical treatments. In a press release, Ozzy said, “I’m so thankful that everyone has been patient because I’ve had a shit year.”

Ozzy Osbourne Casts Jason Momoa to Play Him in New Video