Jennifer Lawrence Will Try to Save Humanity in Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

The last time Jennifer Lawrence was in a movie involving space, things didn’t turn out great. (If you were one of the many bamboozled by the premise of Passengers, Vulture is here for you.) But based on this latest bit of casting news, it doesn’t sound like she will be woken up from a hyper-sleep without consent by a strange man who manipulates her into falling in love with him. No, according to Variety, Lawrence has joined a new Netflix movie called Don’t Look Up from director Adam McKay, which will find her as one of two “low-level astronauts” embarking on a press tour to warn the world of an imminent catastrophic asteroid impact. The movie is a comedy, and it’s the “low-level” part that sounds most intriguing, since Lawrence really does seem great for the role of underachieving astronaut dismissed to do press duty before the end of the world. McKay described Don’t Look Up as a “worldwide comedy” for Netflix, which we can only assume means algorithms have dictated it will drive subscriptions for many new potential international users. Maybe McKay will finally be the director brave enough to give us an earthbound astronaut in a diaper.

Jennifer Lawrence Will Try to Save Humanity in Don’t Look Up