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Jim Carrey Brings Some Award-Worthy Drama to His Old Movie Roles

Jim Carrey is a very busy man these days — he’s starring in the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie, the new season of his Showtime series Kidding debuts this weekend, and he also has a book on the way — so it seemed only right that during his visit to last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert had the comedian and actor take a moment to pause and reflect on some of his past work. Obviously, Carrey has shown since movies like The Mask, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Dumb and Dumber that he has a great skill for the dramatic as well as comedic, so Colbert had him revisit those earlier, sillier roles and give them some extra drama and depth now that he’s an older and wiser artist. The iconic lines that are now transformed forever? Ace Ventura’s “Do not go in there — wooo!” Dumb and Dumber’s “So you’re telling me there’s a chance.” And The Mask’s “Ooooh, somebody stop me!” We don’t want to spoil you from experiencing Carrey’s updated, super-serious takes on these lines for the first time, but we will say they involve desperate screaming, some singing, and a fancy accent.

Jim Carrey Brings Award-Worthy Drama to His Old Movie Roles