The Circle’s Joey Sasso Shares Some Very Helpful Instagram Tips


We here at Vulture are not unique for being big fans of Netflix’s new reality series The Circle, and a huge part of that is thanks to contestant Joey Sasso, the Italian New York native who — spoiler alert! — won the show’s first season in the U.S. One of the many Joey highlights during the season was the time he shared the photo he posted to Instagram of himself alongside Lady Gaga and Adele (as he told us in an interview, he asked Gaga on a date to McDonald’s that night), so when he visited the Vulture office recently, we decided to take advantage of his Instagram skills and have him offer some tips on our staffers’ posts. The result? Some very helpful feedback you can apply to your own Instagram game, including (1) be yourself no matter what, (2) food is always a good thing, and (3) he’s a big sucker for photos of people snuggling up with their dogs.

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The Circle’s Joey Sasso Shares Some Helpful Instagram Tips