Justin Bieber and Summer Walker Remixed ‘Yummy,’ So Turn Your VPN Back On

Beliebers, time to reinstall that VPN. Justin Bieber remixed his single “Yummy” with Summer Walker, so if he doesn’t get to No. 1 this time, there’s no telling what drastic measures he’ll take. Bieber previously asked his fans to use a virtual private network to stream “Yummy” in other countries and to loop the song while they sleep, in order to game the Billboard charts. We assume the rules are the same for his new remix. “You already know I got it / Can’t keep flexin’ on you when you can’t stop this,” Walker adds to the second verse. “You already know you want this / If you talkin’ then you ain’t doin’ nothin.’” The audio track on YouTube features animated peaches bouncing while one has honey poured on it in a loop. Clearly, no one on Bieber’s creative team has seen Call Me by Your Name. Elio Perlman would be obsessed with this video. “Yummy” is Bieber’s first single from his upcoming album Changes. His second single, “Get Me,” features Kehlani. Meanwhile, he’s also releasing a YouTube Originals documentary called Justin Bieber: Seasons. After a few years of quiet, there’s now plenty of Bieber to go around. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

VPNs On: Justin Bieber and Summer Walker Remixed ‘Yummy’