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Kanye’s Tanks Have Invaded Chicago (Just to Hand Out Free Yeezys, Though)


A monochromatic translucent dystopia in which we are legally required to wear Kanye West’s fashion picks or die might be in our future, but we’re not there quite yet. Hopefully the Chicago residents who saw Kanye’s cadre of all-black Sherp ATVs (which you can see below) rolling down their city streets Friday heard the rumor that the rapper and designer was giving away free pairs of his upcoming new sneaker, the Adidas Yeezy QNTM, from the trucks. If not, good God! You’d assume the absolute worst if you saw those monsters rolling past your local Dunkin’ Donuts with no context.

The Quantums, which are currently available only to ogle and lust over for those of us who don’t live near a give away site, will reportedly be available for actual purchase February 16 — a date that will live in infamy once President Kanye declares it National Yeezy Day. Probably.

Kanye’s Tanks Have Invaded Chicago (to Hand Out Free Yeezys)