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Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’ Out Friday, Piracy Notwithstanding

Leak? Never heard of her. Photo: (C)Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Haus Laboratori

2020 has been a real roller-coaster for Lady Gaga fans, ever since the most eagle-eyed Little Monsters among us spotted and shared a leaked Lady Gaga track called “Stupid Love” last month. The leaked track went viral on Twitter, of course, before the tweets sharing the song were promptly deleted. But it’s simply too late — the damage is done, as evidenced by fans who have since done investigative research into the background of the song (one fan pointed out that Gaga appears to be listening to “Stupid Love” in a picture she tweeted back in October). But Gaga herself is here to put a stop to this hullabaloo. She has responded to the controversy in perhaps the best way one can respond to an online controversy — with an oddly specific stock photo that implicates us all. Behold:

The photos and the caption speak for themselves. Listen to “Stupid Love” at your own damn risk, Little Monsters, lest you become complicit.

Update, February 25: Lady Gaga is ready for you now. A month after her single “Stupid Love” leaked online, Gaga is slowly rolling it out on her terms. The “Shallow” singer — yes, it’s been that long since she’s dropped music — tweeted a subway billboard for “Stupid Love,” announcing it’ll drop on Friday, February 28. The art features Gaga in full costume, presumably made up in that Haus Labs makeup she’s been spending so much time on. We can’t even hate anymore, though. #LG6 (or ADELE or whatever you wanna call it) is finally on its way.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’ Out Friday, Piracy Notwithstanding