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Lil Nas X Moseys on Into a Total Stranger’s Wedding at Disney World

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

It’s 2020, and this year’s wedding trends are yellow and navy, edible flowers, cheese wheels instead of traditional cakes, and a Lil Nas X cameo so sudden and satisfying at least one of your female friends and/or relatives will scream, “What the fuck is happening?!” According to a video he posted this weekend, the Grammy Award–winning rapper made at least one bride’s dream come true by escorting her into her own wedding reception, as his megahit “Old Town Road” played, to the shock of her attendees. That would ostensibly be the bride’s second dream, as her first dream was probably having her wedding at the Happiest Place on Earth. As for why Lil Nas X would crash a stranger’s wedding at Disney, well, the real question is: Why don’t all celebrities occasionally crash people’s weddings? It’s 100 percent upside. Try wearing all white to a wedding as a noncelebrity and see how it goes. Just try it.

Lil Nas X Moseys Into a Stranger’s Wedding at Disney World