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Paul Rudd Is Joy Personified While Celebrating Kansas City’s Super Bowl Win

You’re doing amazing sweetie. Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Paul Rudd, somehow, is 50 years old. (His secret is good moisturizer and “pure darkness.”) The Kansas City Chiefs, also, haven’t won a Super Bowl for 50 years. (Their secret was … not being that great at football.) We did the math, and that’s a perfect age alignment for what we’re about to tell you. Rudd and his son were in attendance for the Chiefs’ big win over the San Francisco 49ers at the Super Bowl this weekend, with Rudd in particular having one hell of a time celebrating his favorite team’s victory. “I’m freaking out. I guess we really got to plan a big ‘ole kegger, don’t we,” he told Fox Sports after the game. “Somebody better let my mom know! She’s out of town, just be cool, everybody. It’s like I’ve seen colors for the first time in my life.” Watch below for an even cuter video of Rudd embracing quarterback Patrick Mahomes, like the proud midwestern dad we all knew he was.

Paul Rudd Is Joy Personified Celebrating Kansas City’s Win