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Pete Davidson Shows Off His Uncut Gems Pedestal in His Mom’s Basement

Stars, they’re just like us: They live in their mom’s basement in Staten Island! In what is basically a bro-y version of “73 Questions” (which is to say, basically just Cribs), Pete Davidson took Netflix on a tour of his subterranean apartment, which leans less toward Parasite and more toward what you would expect from a successful 26-year-old SNL cast member and part-time hype beast.

To promote his new Netflix stand-up special, America’s second-most-divisive Pete shows off his never-worn SpongeBob hoodie and matching SpongeBob sneakers, his “porn bathroom,” and his friends who happen to be hanging out and getting tattoos in his kitchen. He shows the camera a picture of his dad, saying, “Here’s some sad shit. You want some dead dad shit? This is the stuff you guys like, right?” He says he moved in a year ago, which coincides with his breakup with Ariana Grande. He explains what a dust buster does (“It scoops up dirt, but like, little dirt”) and shows off some gifts from his buddy John Mulaney, including a signed tie from Rodney Dangerfield. The pièce de résistance, though, is a silver Uncut Gems basketball, which sits on a pedestal behind a real actual uncut gem. A guy who stans John Mulaney and Uncut Gems? Stars really are just like us.

Pete Davidson Shows Off His Uncut Gems Tribute Pedestal