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Pete Davidson is a Serious Actor, Will Play Nathan Fillion’s Half Brother On The Rookie

Photo: Netflix

Comedian. Ex-fiancé. Leonardo DiCaprio enthusiast. These are just a few hats that SNL darling Pete Davidson has worn. And now he’s ready to don yet another hat: Nathan Fillion’s half brother. In what may be his greatest challenge yet, Pete Davidson is reportedly set to guest star as Fillion’s kin on the upcoming season of the ABC drama series The Rookie. In an Sirius XM interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fillion said “We had him come down and do an episode of The Rookie, he plays my half-brother. My miscreant, ne’er do well half-brother. One’s a cop, one’s a pain in the ass — and now they’re half-brothers. It’s amazing.” Where did such an insane, out of the box casting choice come from, you might wonder? Well, none other than the agent of chaos that is the set of the reboot Suicide Squad (or as I like to call it, Suicide Squad: The Squeakquel), which stars both Fillion and Davidson. While Davidson definitely has the ne’er do well part down, does he have the chops to act opposite seasoned vet Fillion in a dramatic capacity. What will he draw from? What will his character’s super-objective be? Is he more Meisner, Adler, or Method? Time will tell what treasures BFA candidate Pete Davidson holds…

Pete Davidson is a Serious Actor, Will Appear on The Rookie