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Pete Davidson’s First Netflix Comedy Special Will Debut This Month

Pete Davidson in Alive From New York. Photo: Netflix

Between performing on Saturday Night Live, starring in a movie about his own life, appearing in Suicide Squad, and handing out NDAs before his live stand-up shows, Pete Davidson has somehow found the time to put out a comedy special. Netflix just announced that Davidson will star in his first stand-up special for the streaming network this month, which is titled Pete Davidson: Alive From New York. The special was filmed at the Gramercy Theatre in New York and debuts on Netflix in just a little under two weeks on Tuesday, February 25.

Along with the premiere-date announcement, Netflix also released a trailer for the special. It mostly follows our proposed rule that stand-up-special trailers should just be one joke, and the joke in this case is that Davidson is very suspicious about a very specific kind of gay friend he calls Kyle. “It’s that gay dude that’ll run up on your girlfriend and squeeze her boobs and slap her ass and be like, ‘Damn girl, you look great!” Davidson says. “I don’t find that fuckin’ funny — like at all. I’m sorry. Like, I’m all for the gayness — it doesn’t mean I’m against gayness — it’s just: You just get to slap ass on a technicality?” Check out the trailer for yourself below, then watch the rest when Alive From New York premieres later this month.

Pete Davidson’s First Netflix Special Will Debut This Month