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Roddy Ricch Is the One to Beat in His New ‘The Box’ Music Video

Whether its a street race, a heist, the big basketball game, or just a presidential run, rapper Roddy Ricch just can’t stop winning in the new video for his viral hit “The Box,” which comes from his debut album Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial. Co-created with Christian Breslauer, the visual follows Ricch’s unstoppable success as it takes him to surreal lengths, whether it be lounging on a bed suspended over sharks, casually walking up the side of a building or dancing in front of an explosive game of chicken.

Can’t really blame Ricch for buying all the self-hype, though. “The Box” is currently the biggest song in the country, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in January. At the end of the video, the rapper is eventually preserved for future generations inside a museum exhibit. Really, the only loser in the whole video is whoever buried their Louis Vuitton luggage to hide their cash. Knowing Roddy, though, his luggage is probably even more valuable now that it’s caked in heist mud.

Roddy Ricch Is the One To Beat in New ‘The Box’ Music Video