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Martin Scorsese Is ‘Eagerly Awaiting’ Another Oscars Battle With Bong Joon Ho

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage

Parasite’s history-making evening at the Oscars was filled with moments to spark joy, with perhaps the most memorable one being Bong Joon Ho, while accepting his award for Best Director, taking the time to remind everyone how much he loves and respects his OG Auteur, Martin Scorsese. (Marty was thrilled!) Flash-forward a few weeks and Bong is embarking on a victory lap in his native South Korea (don’t tell Trump), and, during a press conference with his fellow Parasite cast and crew, revealed that he recently received a poignant letter from Scorsese that reflected on their recent time together on the awards circuit. “I just read his letter a few hours ago and it was an honor,” Bong said, per The Hollywood Reporter. “I can’t tell you what the letter said because it’s something personal. He said I did a good job and should rest, but only a little because he and everyone else was eagerly waiting for my next film.”

While Bong has yet to align himself with a new film, he’s currently working to bring Parasite to HBO as a limited series, while Scorsese is re-teaming with his boys Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro for an adaptation of Killers of the Flower Moon, a 1920s-set western about the Osage Nation murders. Hopefully they can continue to thrive in a symbiotic relationship.

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