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The Run Trailer Stars Sarah Paulson As a Smothering, Terrifying Mother

Sarah Paulson has become one of our great Intensity Actresses, and usually she’s playing the heroine in a Ryan Murphy production. (Alternately, she’s playing a close companion of Cate Blanchett’s in film or television.) That means she’s typically using her powers for good. But what if she … didn’t? What if all that screaming terror in American Horror Story got channeled into a twisted, terrifying mom villain? We have the answer to that question, and it is Run, a movie in which Paulson plays a real helicopter mom to her disabled daughter named Chloe (Kiera Allen). Chloe needs her mom to take care of everything in her life — or at least that’s what her mother is going to make damn sure Chloe thinks! But this happy home is about to rupture when the young girl realizes her mom has some dark secrets. Run will appropriately arrive in theaters on May 8, which is Mother’s Day weekend.

The Run Trailer Stars Sarah Paulson As a Terrifying Mother