RuPaul and Bowen Yang Bring Plenty of Soap to the Coal Mines In Cut for Time SNL Sketch

Readers young enough to miss the heyday of soap operas like Dynasty might not immediately recognize the classic war of words between Dominique Deveraux and Alexis Carrington Colby being parodied by RuPaul and Bowen Yang in this week’s cut-for-time sketch. That being said, the white fur cape, the hurled beverages and the fact their characters are literally named Big Al and Big Dom should at least tip their perfectly-manicured hand that this isn’t your average coal mine.

Making the shade so shady, it’s literally underground, the pair trade barbs like “I should have known it was your coal mine. After all, it is a fossil fuel” and “The lighting in here suits you. There isn’t any” and, of course, “Your coveralls fit you like a glove. A glove on a very fat hand.” They also slap each other raw and kick each other’s shins to smithereens, though thank god they didn’t go for a full-on vase-shattering Dynasty brawl. This mine has rules, thanks to you senseless, rotten union sluts, and there’s only so much one shaft can handle.

RuPaul Brings Soap to the Coal Mines In Cut SNL Sketch