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Sam Smith Is a Bald Mannequin Head Who Just Wants Someone ‘To Die For’ in New Music Video

Were you under the impression that Justin Bieber was the only one clever enough to release new music on a Valentine’s Friday? If so, you were wrong, because at midnight Sam Smith released the new single and music video from their upcoming album “To Die For” which is set to drop on May 1. Smith’s entire video is shot from the point of view of a very sad, very lonely mannequin head who could use a wig from the wig shop Smith recently opened. The mannequin head spends the video looking forlornly out the shop window at happy human customers, desperately wishing to fall in love. Was Smith inspired by the legendary Stephen Sondheim’s little known television musical, Evening Primrose, which takes place in a department store after dark and involves mannequins coming to life and falling in love? We’ll never know for sure. What we do know is that Smith just wants someone to die for.

Sam Smith Is a Bald Mannequin in ‘To Die For’ Music Video