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Andy Samberg Is Terrible at Being a Bully in This Cut SNL Sketch

It’s been a while since Seth Meyers resurrected an old cut Saturday Night Live sketch to give it the love and attention it deserves for Late Night’s “Second Chance Theatre,” but luckily the segment returned last night with an assist from Andy Samberg, John Mulaney, and Kenan Thompson. Alongside some of the Late Night gang, the group performed the never-before-aired SNL sketch “Griff Banks the Sensitive Bully,” in which Samberg plays the titular character who instantly falls apart every time he attempts to bully his classmates and receives even the slightest amount of pushback in return: “I’m a terrible bully. This isn’t even a varsity jacket, it’s My Little Pony!” he says. “I’m not a bully, I’m just a gaping snorf!”

Of course, it wouldn’t be “Second Chance Theatre” without an in-depth post-sketch analysis and discussion, which featured Meyers, Samberg, Mulaney, Thompson, and writers Colin Jost and Rob Klein. It’s there we learn some bonus trivia, including the fact that the sketch was cut after dress rehearsal in two different 2010 episodes (Gabourey Sidibe in April and Emma Stone in October) and everyone has their own story of watching Lorne Michaels be disappointed in the performance of a sketch. Colin Jost’s story? “At some point last year I was watching a sketch that they had written, and it was not going great, and he turned to me under the bleachers and he said, ‘Do you think they can take Emmys away?’”

If you’re craving more Samberg “Second Chance Theatre,” we highly recommend revisiting the “Wanna Come With?” sketch that was resurrected back in 2016 featuring Samberg, Kenan Thompson, and Greta Gerwig. You can watch it right here.

Andy Samberg Is a Sensitive Bully in This Cut SNL Sketch