Why Does This Pete Davidson and John Mulaney SNL Promo Have Her Smell Vibes?

Something about the frenetic, fluorescent, floating handheld cam, backstage self-improvement vibes of this new Saturday Night Live promo video starring Pete Davidson and John Mulaney is giving me anxiety flashbacks to the 2019 Elisabeth Moss indie Her Smell. Maybe it’s the New Age dressing-room guru helping Pete work on his “inner chakras” and advising him to get rid of his pet monkeys, both mean and nice, because they’re illegal (a lesson Justin Bieber once learned the hard way). Maybe it’s John checking Pete’s eyes to see if he’s sober, a continuation of the ongoing big-brother relationship he has with the young comedian. Whatever it is, this jittery promo came out just in time to coincide with Pete’s new stand-up special. It also directly responds to Pete’s recent comments about SNL, when he said, “They think I’m fucking dumb.” This video claims it’s all an act for the cameras, as John tells him, “There’s some paparazzi outside. Be sure to act real stupid.” Oh, and Pete has a writing corner in his room now, with Post-Its on the wall and everything. Who said he doesn’t pull his weight?

This Saturday’s episode will be a real Leap Day William treat, as it will be John Mulaney’s third time hosting. With musical guest David Byrne!

John Mulaney Is Proud of His Boy Pete Davidson in SNL Promo