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Texas Will Be Chainsaw Massacred Once More in New TCM Franchise Reboot

You’ve aged well, Leather. Photo: Bryanston Distributing Company

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is coming back. Once again! Variety reported today that Andy and Ryan Tohill will direct a reboot of the Tobe Hooper classic from a script by Chris Thomas Devlin, and it will be produced by Fede Álvarez, whose Bad Hombre imprint has a first-look deal with Legendary. There’s not much to report on what the new story will be, though Álvarez did say in a statement that “it’s violent, exciting, and so depraved that it will stay with you forever.” (Challenge accepted, since 2017’s Leatherface — from noted French gore-hounds Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo — was plenty depraved but hardly memorable.)

TCM has existed in many permutations over the decades, with many sequels being sprung off the original legend of Leather. There was a remake of the original in 2003; a prequel based off that movie in 2006, focusing on the Sawyer family; and then a whole origin story for the iconic villain in the 2017 movie. The mythology was even sort of rebooted/retconned in 2013 with Texas Chainsaw 3D, which effectively served as a direct sequel to Hooper’s first film but took place decades after Sally Hardesty got away. (Then there was the insane Next Generation offshoot movie with Renée Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey in the ’90s.) All of that is to say basically anything could happen in the new Tohill version. Short of there being no Leatherface whatsoever, pretty much any other tweak is fair game.

Texas Will Be Chainsaw Massacred Once More in TCM Reboot