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The Strokes Debut New Music While Getting You Amped for Bernie Sanders

The Strokes front man Julian Casablancas performing at a Bernie Sanders rally in New Hampshire on February 10. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If you like Bernie Sanders, but haven’t yet been compelled to get off your buns about it, the Strokes are hoping they can lure you to one of their chosen candidate’s Get Out the Vote rallies with the promise of new music. And if not, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home anyway. According to Pitchfork, Julian Casablancas and the gang performed a new song, “Bad Decisions,” and played a music video for yet another new song, “At the Door,” at a Sanders rally Monday evening in Durham, New Hampshire, ahead of the state’s primary tomorrow, Tuesday, February 11.

After hinting at the impending release of a new album, ostensibly called The New Abnormal, last month, the Strokes front man told the audience, “Album’s coming out April 10.” If you like both Bernie Sanders and the Strokes but simply didn’t attend the New Hampshire rally because you live anywhere else on the planet, great news: You can go ahead and stream the entire event below.

Strokes Debut New Music While Getting You Amped for Bernie