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The Vast of Night Trailer Takes You Back in Time With a Quaint Sci-Fi Nightmare

If you love alien movies and classic science fiction and stories about small-town America and beautiful art direction and quietly astonishing technical aspects of filmmaking, The Vast of Night is a movie you’ve been waiting for. It opens in quiet, little Cayuga, New Mexico, on the night of a big basketball game at the local high school and follows a precocious teen girl to her night shift at the local switchboard before blooming into a Twilight Zone–esque alien mystery. The camera hardly ever stops moving as young Fay (Sierra McCormick) and her pal, a fast-talking DJ named Everett (Jake Horowitz), come across a strange sound that is bouncing around the local airwaves. Reports of strange sightings roll in. An old man calls in to the radio station hinting at secret government experiments in their quiet valley, and Fay and Everett are suddenly at the center of a possible extraterrestrial cover-up conspiracy. Vast of Night was one of the best movies to make the rounds on the genre festival circuit in 2019, and it will be coming to theaters on May 29 and Amazon Prime come June 12.

The Vast of Night Trailer Is Old-Timey Sci-fi Greatness