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Thundercat Is on the Loose and Looking for Romance in ‘Dragonball Durag’ Video

Thundercat is really feeling himself in an oversized Gucci belt and lots of chains. The look is fully complete after he finds a Dragon Ball durag on the street. In the music video for the aptly titled “Dragonball Durag,” the latest single off his forthcoming album It Is What It Is, Thundercat is eager to show off his subtle ensemble to the ladies of Los Angeles. Grooving to the funky bass lines of the song, he approaches comedian Quinta Brunson in a park. Don’t worry, Quinta. He “may be covered in cat hair,” but, as the lyrics suggest, he still smells good. She’s clearly not buying it — he attempts to impress her with some decent moonwalking skills, to no avail. Seemingly undeterred, he tries his luck with singer Kali Uchis. Perched atop a balcony, she waves him away as he serenades her from below. When he breaks out his signature moonwalk, she dials the police. Twice rejected but not dejected, Thundercat tries to woo the Haim sisters, emerging out of a dumpster before breaking it down. Danielle and Alana are not amused, but it seems Este is down to clown. All in all, not a bad showing from the genre-defying musician, whose album is out April 3 via Brainfeeder.

Thundercat Is on the Prowl in ‘Dragonball Durag’ Video