beef house

No One Tell Joaquin Phoenix About Tim and Eric’s New Sitcom, Beef House

It’s Joaquin Phoenix’s worst nightmare: a house of beef. That’s kinda-sorta the premise behind Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim’s new multi-cam sitcom Beef House, their first Adult Swim series since Bedtime Stories in 2017. The show’s first trailer, released today, invites us to meet the Beef Boys: Tim, Eric, and Awesome Show, Great Job! regulars Ron Auster, Ben Hur, and Tennessee Luke. Tim leads the old dudes in a game of strip poker. Eric presents his wife Jamie-Lynn Sigler with a “sexual egg.” Auster pours 25 gallons of mayonnaise into a bowl of chopped-up mystery meat. Ben Hur has a gun. And in the words of Tennessee Luke, “Beef Boys always keep their promise.” The series premieres on Adult Swim on March 29 at 12:15 a.m. ET (okay, so really the first 15 minutes of March 30 … you get it), right after the series premiere of Three Busy Debras. It looks dementedly beefy.

Watch the Trailer for Tim and Eric’s New Sitcom Beef House