What Keeps You Alive Director Colin Minihan to Modernize ’90s Slasher Urban Legend

Photo: TriStar Pictures

Sound the revival Klaxon. Another horror movie of yore is being updated — which at this point basically means a movie too old for Billie Eilish to have “grown up” on — and ’90s teen-terror fans can rejoice because Urban Legend is coming back into your lives. Deadline reported today that Colin Minihan will helm what he framed on Twitter as a “reboot.” Minihan is a writer, director, and producer who already has a handful of indie features behind him, including the breakout What Keeps You Alive from 2018. The new Legend movie, which is reportedly being fast-tracked and going into casting, will, like the original, take place on a college campus, but it will move the myths from analog to digital as the students are terrorized by “urban legends linked to the darkest corners of social media.” So fire up those creepypastas, everyone.

What Keeps You Alive Director to Helm Urban Legend Reboot