Coming Soon to Good One: Michelle Wolf, David Wain, and More

Good One podcast. Photo: Vulture

In mid-February 2017, Vulture senior editor Jesse David Fox launched the first season of Good One: A Podcast About Jokes, a show in which a comedian, comedy writer, or director came on to play and discuss one of their jokes. The hope was to explore a gap in the comedy podcast marketplace, where there were tons of places to hear comedy creators have casual conversations but essentially nowhere to hear them thoughtfully and carefully interviewed. Fox aspired to demystify and then re-mystify the process of crafting jokes, in turn giving comedians a platform to show how they are unique talents with uniquely comedic points of view. Fortunately, it worked out! Comedians — from up-and-comers to the biggest in the world — opened up their joke books and embraced dissecting their best frogs.

After six seasons, the show went on hiatus back in September, looking to retool some things and come back in a big way. Now, three years since it first launched, we are freaking so pumped to announce Good One is set to return on February 25 and — this is the “big way” part — it will now be weekly, instead of seasonal. Which means when it comes back next Tuesday, it will just … keep … on … going … until the world runs out of comedians or, well, Jesse dies (whichever comes last?).

And, hey, look, we have a new trailer:

Guests you can expect when the show returns include Michelle Wolf, Ronny Chieng, Michelle Buteau, Daniel Sloss, David Wain, and so many more! Subscribe on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, or wherever you listen.

Coming Soon to Good One: Michelle Wolf, David Wain, and More