indie spirits 2020

Watch Indie Spirits Host Aubrey Plaza Roast The Nominees With Song

After slapping the hell out of herself and her awards show alter ego Judy Garland in a pre-taped intro to the Independent Spirit Awards, Aubrey Plaza took the stage live to greet the crowd with a rendition of “Come On Get Happy.” A tone slightly removed from her familiar “spooky, dooky Sabrina the teenage bitch routine,” Plaza issued the truly chilling invite to the audience of “Welcome to my comfort zone” before lovingly ribbing a few of the day’s nominees with song. She recognized Willem Dafoe for realizing his potential to play a 19th century lighthouse keeper after looking like one for his entire life anyway, and joked about scrolling right past Netflix chief Ted Sarandos before asking him to keep that money faucet running! You can watch the whole number above.

Watch Aubrey Plaza Musically Roast Indie Spirit Nominees