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Billy Idol Kicks Off NYC Anti-Idling Campaign Because You Can’t Spell ‘Punk’ Without ‘Pun’

Punk rocker Billy Idol has found his latest hardcore, counterculture movement: enforcing New York City’s anti-idling laws! Get it? They’re homophones. NYC’s Department of Environmental Protection has enlisted Idol for a new “Billy Never Idles” campaign reminding drivers to shut off their ignition when they’re not driving after “more than three minutes … except in a school zone, where the limit is one minute.” Radical! An anti-pollution campaign for clean air is certainly a worthy cause, and Mayor Bill de Blasio kicked it off alongside Idol at a press conference on Thursday morning.

You know what would really reduce motor vehicle pollution in NYC? Investment in a functioning, accessible, affordable public-transit system. In the meantime, we’ve brainstormed some other celebrity public service partnership campaign ideas below:

  • Adam’s not a drunk Driver
  • Richard’s always Kind to animals
  • David doesn’t Cross the street without looking both ways
  • Gary doesn’t Abusey drugs
  • Jewel never Juuls
  • Jason Ritter says NO to litter
  • Liev never Shreiber-bullies

De Blasio, our phones are open.

Billy Idol Wants NYC to Just Say No to Idling