Camila Cabello Stars in Silent-ish ‘My Oh My’ Film to Get You Ready for Her Cinderella

Somebody please let Camila Cabello know what silent films are, because girl is playing fast and loose with the concept of diegetic sound in her latest music video, for the bonus track on the digital edition of Romance, “My Oh My” featuring DaBaby. The (mostly) black-and-white video casts Camila as a silent movie star within a silent movie called Damsel in Distress, which has zero relation to the charming Greta Gerwig–Whit Stillman film. In the video, Camila breaks free from the suffocating studio system and finds emancipation by pairing up with a zoot-suited DaBaby, who buys out her contract with a suitcase full of cash. Along the way, she wears various wigs and wields various swords, tearing through posters for fictional Camila Cabello films like Doll Face, We’ll Always Have Havana, and (this one’s a little on the nose) Helpless Victim. She’s really showing off before her upcoming Cinderella movie, huh.

Camila Cabello Invents Sync-Sound in ‘My Oh My’ Music Video