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The Candyman Trailer Promises Blood, Bees, and One Terrifying Urban Legend Reborn

We’ve been hearing about the Jordan Peele–produced “reimagining” of Candyman for more than a year now, and today the first trailer ahead of its June release has arrived. We see a few iconic touchpoints that fans will recognize from Candyman movies of yore: the long hook coming out of the titular character’s bloody arm stump, a fair amount of bees (though we hope for even more bees in the feature), the plot of land where the Cabrini-Green housing project used to be, Virginia Madsen (who starred in the 1992 original), and even what looks to be a passing reflection of Tony Todd in a car window as star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II walks by. There are also the artistic flourishes recognizable from previous Monkeypaw movies Us and Get Out, like the claustrophobic tight close-ups, the sound of screeching strings, and a damn creepy remix of a popular R&B song.

Peele, who also co-wrote the script, and director Nia DaCosta actually introduced the trailer to a small sampling of journalists a day before it went wide online, with DaCosta fielding a few questions after previewing the preview. “There’s an ArcLight [movie theater] really close to where Cabrini-Green used to be. There’s a lot of development in the area because Cabrini has been torn down,” said DaCosta. “So, what we do in our film is talk about the ghosts that are left behind because of gentrification.”

As far as what audiences will and will not see in what’s been dubbed a “spiritual sequel” to Bernard Rose’s first film in the Candyman franchise, DaCosta said she and Peele come from different schools of thought on how much of the gory bits should be present onscreen versus how much should be left to suggestion, and it will satisfy the bloodhounds to know there’s “a
good amount of things you don’t want to see.” As to whether or not we’ll be seeing Todd, the first Candyman himself, the director left that question similarly open-ended, stalling for a moment before offering, “I really love Tony Todd. He’s iconic and, um, I will say what what we’ve done this film is great! Jordan’s great, and I don’t want to give anything away.”

Scour the trailer for hints and Easter eggs and wait for it to hit theaters on June 12.

Candyman Trailer: Blood, Bees, One Terrifying Urban Legend