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Doja Cat Is the Disco TikTok Diva of Your Dreams in ‘Say So’ Video

Doja Cat is quite the distraction in her new music video for “Say So,” transporting us to a vibey ’70s Los Angeles world. In the video, Doja challenges a record player repairman to “keep it focused” as she sips a fruit cocktail and lounges around a gorgeous loft. Although he manages to get the job done (after a few long, sultry glances), the two meet again in the discotheque, but not before Doja takes a stab at the TikTok dance that propelled the song to a hit. Then, we get a deeply satisfying Saturday Night Fever dance floor moment between Doja Cat, clad in a shimmering jumpsuit, and her repairman beau. As if that weren’t enough, Haley Sharpe, the teen from Alabama who created the viral “Say So” TikTok dance, gets a quick cameo.

Doja Cat is the Disco Diva of Your Dreams in ‘Say So’ Video