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Justin Bieber and James Corden Talk TikTok, Tom Cruise on Carpool Karaoke

Following significant controversy over its veracity, James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke is back, with the segment that most likely sparked this viral tweet during filming. Justin Bieber is in the hot seat for this edition, and he got right to it, teaching Corden the dance moves to “Yummy” that he suspects are most effective on TikTok. Corden went on to conduct a genuinely effective interview with Bieber, asking tough questions about certain choices Bieber has made in the past, and Bieber answered in a manner that is consistent with what we’ve seen from him. On the fight he challenged Tom Cruise to last year: “I was just being stupid.” On mind control: “My mind control is another specimen… I’m different.” On the TV he likes to watch: “You know Doctor House?” As for what any or all of this means, that is up to viewers to decipher. Watch the segment above.

Justin Bieber, James Corden Talk TikTok on Carpool Karaoke