Kelly Clarkson Achieves Pop Greatness with Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’

Literal American idol and karaoke connoisseur Kelly Clarkson meets Swedish pop icon Robyn in this edition of Kellyoke, with Clarkson covering the forever lonely anthem”Dancing On My Own.” The song, which has been relentlessly covered over the years by other artists, finally gets the Kellyoke treatment, complete with Clarkson’s signature belt. A little investigation reveals that Clarkson has covered “Dancing On My Own” numerous times before in concert (although she did a much sadder, slower piano ballad version of the song those times), and even further investigation reveals that Robyn covered Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” back in 2007. Two Transatlantic pop queens with mutual respect and admiration for one another — what more could you ask for from a Kellyoke? Watch the full cover above.

Kelly Clarkson Belts Her Way Through ‘Dancing On My Own’