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This Video of Nick and Vanessa Lachey Talking About Jessica Simpson Will Make Your Skin Fall Off

Well, we’ve found the worst thing that’s happened so far this week — and no we have not forgotten about the Iowa caucus cable news meltdown. Nick and Vanessa Lachey appeared on the Today show this morning and even though they discussed a variety of things, the absolute most cringe-inducing part of the interview came when co-host Hoda Kotb asked the couple about revelations by Jessica Simpson concerning alcoholism and childhood sexual abuse in her new memoir, called Open Book. Kotb wanted to know if Lachey had been previously aware of this information about his ex-wife, and made mention of Simpson speaking warmly of the former 98 Degrees singer and his current wife, who Simpson apparently said sent her a thoughtful gift at some point in time. Lachey clearly didn’t want to talk about any of it, saying that they had both moved on and put their shared past behind them, and then — for some unholy reason — Mrs. Lachey decided to make it very clear that not only did she have no idea about a gift from her family to Simpson, but she didn’t even have her address so that wouldn’t even be possible. Watch the clip if you feel like sinking into the deepest hole on Earth and never emerging again.

Die of Embarrassment Watching Nick, Vanessa Lachey On Today