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RuPaul Asks Cecily Strong the Question on Everyone’s Mind in This Week’s SNL Promo

Folks in show business like to engage in a little bit of quid pro quo. Last year, Cecily Strong filled a coveted guest-judge seat on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, and this Saturday, RuPaul will return the favor as a first-time Saturday Night Live host. In the new episode promo, Cecily is absolutely gagging for RuPaul, wearing a full mug and sequined “writing dress” to greet him at the elevators. The two sissy that walk right into the studio, leaving Cecily out of breath for some reason. And do they find the glamour and allure of the famed stage once graced by Ally and her backup dancers? No. They find Beck Bennett eating cold pizza that J.J. Watt left in his dressing room. Ru asks, “What’s a J.J. Watt, baby?” (We, too, would like to know this.) Beck answers with food falling out of his mouth, “Every day is a chance to grow.” Is he quoting an inspirational tattoo belonging to musical guest Justin Bieber? Or maybe a tidbit of Tic Tac lunch wisdom from Ru’s new Netflix series AJ and the Queen? Watch this Saturday to find out.

Cecily Comes on Strong in RuPaul’s SNL Promo