indie spirits 2020

See If You Can Decode the Safdie Brothers’ Unhinged Indie Spirt Awards Speech

Even though they were described by Adam Sandler as looking like a pair of homeless rabbis earlier in the afternoon, the Safdie brothers Benny and Josh ended the 2020 Independent Spirit Awards crowned as Best Directors. Nominees were reminded throughout the evening to keep acceptance speeches short, being warned that the tent was coming down at a certain point whether they were done or not, and the Uncut Gems maestros went the most efficient possible route in giving their thanks. Instead of trading off time at the mic, Benny and Josh just both gave their full remarks at the same time — an appropriate bit of chaotic good considering the context of their critically heralded film. Make sure to play through the whole thing multiple times. Once for Benny, once for Josh, and maybe once in reverse to see if you can decode any hidden meanings or messages in the overlapping monologues.

Watch the Safdie Brothers’ Unhinged Indie Spirits Speech