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Tracee Ellis Ross Is a Pop Star in the Trailer for The High Note

Director Nisha Ganatra has found her niche: making likable, funny, clever movies about women in the entertainment industry, centered around a young, striving mentee and an old pro who, despite seemingly having it all together, still struggles to stay relevant as a woman of a certain age. First, there was 2019’s Sundance breakout Late Night, with Emma Thompson as a prickly late-night host and Mindy Kaling as the comedy writer trying to boost both of their careers. Now, there’s the trailer for The High Note, starring Tracee Ellis Ross as singer Grace Davis and Dakota Johnson as her personal assistant who wants to produce her next album. The film, initially called Covers, also stars Zoë Chao as Johnson’s friend, Ice Cube as some sort of record exec, and Diplo as … Diplo. Oh, and is that an original song we hear? Watch the trailer here. The High Note hits theaters May 8.

Tracee Ellis Ross Is a Pop Star in The High Note Trailer