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Trump Impeachment Gets the Reality Show Treatment in SNL Cold Open

Saturday Night Live took a page from Court TV’s playbook in last night’s cold open, featuring a reality-show spin on the Trump impeachment proceedings. Presided over by Kenan Thompson’s Judge Mathis, the trial called various witnesses to the stand, giving Beck Bennett another chance to trot out his chilling Mitch McConnell impression. Kate McKinnon also reprised her delicate Lindsay Graham, and Pete Davidson made an appearance as an indifferent, hover-boarding Hunter Biden. Alec Baldwin as Trump shuffled into the sketch touting a walker, as Thompson’s Mathis asked, “President Trump, are you trying to Weinstein me now?” “In which sense?” Trump replied. “Because Harvey and I overlap in a few ways.” Fair enough. Watch last night’s cold open above.

Trump Impeachment Gets Reality Show Treatment on SNL