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Beyoncé Needs to See This UCLA Gymnast’s Stunning Homecoming Floor Routine

Queen. Photo: UCLA Gymnastics/Twitter

Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage,” but admittedly some of us have dirty bathroom mirrors and others have NCAA gymnastics routines. Nia Dennis, a junior at UCLA, just went viral for her Beyoncé Homecoming-inspired floor routine and she deserves every like and retweet. In between gravity-defying jumps and tumbling passes, Dennis flips her hair, conducts her imaginary marching band, and hits the Woah. We don’t even have to tell you that she sticks every landing. At the end, she places a crown right on her head where it belongs. She earned a total score of 9.975, the first of three 9.975s given to her team. Also it was literally her 21st birthday. This is exactly the kind of heartwarming evening news story the world needed right now. What next, she saves a puppy? We’re already crying. Here are more overjoyed reactions to Dennis’s stunning routine because clearly we’re all going through stuff right now.

Beyoncé Needs to See This UCLA Gymnast’s Own Homecoming