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Wendy Williams Mocks Amie Harwick’s Death Days After Saying ‘I Will Do Better’

Wendy Williams Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images

What’s poorer than poor taste? Broke taste? Bankrupt taste? Whatever term we’re going with, Wendy Williams is roundly accused of having it after she appeared to make a joke about the death of celebrity therapist Dr. Amie Harwick on The Wendy Williams Show on Monday. Harwick had been engaged to The Price Is Right host Drew Carey and was found dead Saturday morning under a third-story balcony. Her ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse, against whom she had filed a restraining order, has been charged with alleged involvement in her death. With that context in mind, Williams shouted The Price Is Right catchphrase “Come on down!” and then exaggeratedly mimed watching Harwick fall from a balcony. In the clip below, you can see Williams pausing for effect and not getting the desired reaction as the audience quietly murmurs.

The clip quickly gained traction online, with many on Twitter calling out Williams’s insensitivity, especially considering that the talk show host had recently faced backlash and apologized for homophobic and transphobic comments on her program just last week.

Williams has yet to respond to the controversy or make a statement about her comments.

Wendy Williams Mocks Amie Harwick’s Death, Faces Backlash