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Ray Romano Shocks the Oscars With His Hotness (And an F-Bomb)

Meanwhile, Sandra Oh is glowing. Photo: Getty Images

A huge bombshell was dropped on the Oscars stage Sunday night. And it wasn’t just the movie Bombshell, although Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie were both representing. Ray Romano did let an F-bomb slip while presenting the award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling with Sandra Oh at the Academy Awards this year. But the real bombshell, the real explosion, the real blast in the background of 1917, was that everyone watching the Oscars realized that Ray Romano is a smoke show. But, sure, we can talk about the bleeping.

While discussing the nuances of makeup and hairstyling, Romano talked about seeing the artists in action on The Irishman. “All joking aside, I do wanna say I saw firsthand how talented hair and makeup people are,” he said. “In The Irishman, they would transform us everyday. I would just sit there and be amazed. And then Pesci would come in and say, ‘Get the fuck out of my chair.’” The ABC censors were ready for that one, coming in hot and making sure viewers in the United States couldn’t laugh along. “I think they’re gonna bleep that,” Sandra Oh jokes. “Not everything is Netflix, Ray.” But, uh, maybe it’s something about that Netflix clout that has all of Twitter realizing that Ray Romano is hot. He’s coming for Steve Carrell’s throne and, by the looks of these tweets, we might just let him.

Ray Romano Shocks the Oscars With Hotness (And an F-Bomb)