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Eliminated Bachelor Contestant Spends Car Ride Home Listing Reasons Why Peter Weber Sucks

Kelley Flanagan Photo: ABC

She can litigate our disputes anytime. Joining the esteemed lineage of the way-too-normal-for-this-reality-crap Bachelor Nation alumni (Chicago Chapter), Kelley Flanagan was eliminated on Monday night’s Bachelor episode by Peter Weber, with his rationale being that their relationship was more rooted in friendship than romance. (A reasonable explanation, for sure, but Weber’s choice in women has continued to be questionable as the season progresses.) Unlike the theatrical, Bachelorette-audition waterworks we’ve grown to expect from the franchise’s booted women, the 27-year-old lawyer embodied the shrug emoji upon her departure in Peru, simultaneously insulting Weber and the four remaining contestants while driving away. “There are things you need to figure out,” Flanagan told him before leaving. “I have no idea why I’m in this car. But Peter made his decision and that’s that. Does it suck? Yeah. Do I agree with it? No.” Go on, millennial Ally McBeal!

I question his intentions because I don’t really know what phase he is in life. The four [contestants] that are left are like little babies. I don’t really know who they are. Are you a child or an adult? Clearly he doesn’t agree. If he’s not able to sit there and make decisive decisions and stuff like that, that’s on him. I don’t want him to waste my time either. Thank you for not coming and meeting my family.

In addition to Flanagan, Weber eliminated Natasha Parker, the season’s only woman over the age of 30, on last night’s episode. Going into hometowns, that means we’re now left with this quartet: a Sonic model, an ethically questionable model, a basketball star, and a Champagne enthusiast.

Eliminated Bachelor Contestant Lists Reasons Why Peter Sucks