See How Deadly an Umbrella Can Be in Chinese Neo-noir The Wild Goose Lake

Have you ever imagined what John Wick would be like if it was set not in an imaginary version of New York, but instead a remote city in China’s industrial hinterland? Wonder no more, because here comes Diao Yinan’s ultrastylish neo-noir The Wild Goose Lake, which offers some of the most thrillingly original fight scenes you’ll see onscreen this year, and you can get a taste in this exclusive clip from the film. Some context: After a motorcycle-stealing competition goes awry, ex-con Zhou Zenong (Hu Ge) is on the run from both the cops and his fellow criminals. He holes up near the titular lake, where he is cornered by some baddies. But as the goons learn, to their dismay, in Zhou’s hands nearly anything can be a weapon — including the humble umbrella. See The Wild Goose Lake in theaters March 6.

In Chinese Neo-noir The Wild Goose Lake, Beware the Umbrella