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Peter Weber Won’t Let Us Rest, Goes on Date With Bachelor Contestant Kelley Flanagan

Photo: Getty Images

In a horrendous example of social distancing, former Bachelor lead Peter Weber was spotted on a very flirty date in Chicago with one of his former contestants, Kelley Flanagan, on Wednesday by TMZ. (A piggyback ride by the shores of Lake Michigan! In this climate?) The date comes after an incredibly tumultuous season for Weber, which concluded earlier this month in spectacular fashion: He proposed to a contestant, ended the engagement with that contestant, started dating another contestant, and then promptly broke up with that contestant. (His mom had a lot to say.) Flanagan, a fan-favorite attorney from Illinois, finished in sixth place this season. Coincidentally, she ran into Weber at a hotel days before the show began filming, which lead to a vast amount of conspiracy theories within Bachelor Nation about the nature of their relationship. This corona-cation won’t do them any favors.

During her time on The Bachelor, Flanagan was lauded by viewers for her emotional and professional maturity, especially in comparison to the young, influencer-centric contestant pool she was paired with. Upon her elimination, Flanagan memorably criticized Weber in a farewell interview. “I question his intentions because I don’t really know what phase he is in life,” she said at the time. “The four contestants that are left are like little babies. I don’t really know who they are. Are you a child or an adult? Clearly he doesn’t agree. If he’s not able to sit there and make decisive decisions and stuff like that, that’s on him. I don’t want him to waste my time either.”

The Bachelor’s Peter Spotted on a Flirty Date With Kelley