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Please Allow the Cast of Broadway’s Sing Street to Satisfy Your ’80s Nostalgia

Following its run at New York Theatre Workshop, Sing Streetbased on the 2016 John Carney movie of the same name — begins previews on Broadway next month. (Does this sound familiar? It might if you were a Once fan, the John Carney movie turned New York Theatre Workshop musical turned Tony-winner. Sing Street has thus far accomplished all of those except for the Tonys bit, for which it will be juuuuust eligible this year after its April 19 opening.) It tells the story of a group of teens in Dublin in 1982 who form a New Wave band to make life, well, suck a little bit less than it does if you’re teens in Dublin in 1982 who haven’t formed a New Wave band. (They sound a little like Duran Duran and Depeche Mode. Peter Gordeno, the keyboardist for the latter, is on the show’s music team.)

“Drive It Like You Stole It” is perhaps the film’s most effective earworm. “I knew Gary [Clark, the song’s co-writer] had written a hit when I played an early demo to my niece, Clea (16 at the time),” Carney told Vulture when talking about the song, which also appears in the Broadway adaptation. “After the first chorus, she sat in an armchair like an old-school Broadway producer, nodding her head and smiling, and saying ‘Oh yes. This is the one.’” With that in mind, please enjoy the musical stylings of the show’s actual-teenagers cast who will make you feel, probably correctly, like you were a very ungifted high-schooler.

Hear ‘Drive It Like You Stole It,’ From B’way’s Sing Street