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Cuomo Brothers Arguing About Mom’s Favorite Is Cable TV’s Hottest New Drama

Exemplifying the Big Italian Energy lifestyle that has likely spurred Frances Ford Coppola to take notes and scream quattro!, brothers Chris and Andrew Cuomo had a very endearing on-air fight while appearing on Chris’s CNN program on Monday evening. What began as a standard update regarding New York’s response to the coronavirus pandemic slowly unfurled into a brotherly battle over curfews (“I don’t believe in rules”) and communique-shaming (“I know you’re working hard for your state, but no matter how long you’re working there’s always time to call mom, she wants to hear from you”), eventually relenting to a verbal sparring match over who their mother loves the most. Is Andrew really the favorite? With Chris the second favorite? We’re unsure. “I can’t believe you’re lying to my audience,” Chris concludes, “you’re blowing the credibility of the entire interview.” They ended their chat by exchanging I love yous and proverbial mozzarella, obviously.

Cuomo Brothers Arguing About Their Mom Is TV’s Hottest Drama