Contagion Star Kate Winslet Will Now Teach You How to Wash Your Hands Correctly

Contagion is a movie that everyone’s talking about these days, since it feels like a predictive text for our current reality in self-isolation while a deadly novel virus creeps across the world. A lot of people are following the coronavirus protective guidelines, but a lot of people also aren’t, which is probably why the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University got in touch with various Contagion stars and asked them to make PSAs about proper coronavirus conduct. So, please enjoy learning proper handwashing technique from Kate Winslet (above), take seriously the explanation for why social distancing is crucial from Matt Damon (below), believe Laurence Fishburne when he tells you to listen to experts, and absolutely take Jennifer Ehle seriously when she tells you that it will take a while for us to get a COVID-19 vaccine, so stop expecting one to arrive anytime soon. (Also, don’t be racist!) All messages are scientist approved.

Damon’s character was immune to the virus in Contagion, but has no delusions about his innate pathogen resistance in real life. He isn’t singing at COVID-19 either, for which we are grateful.

There are few more authoritative-sounding voices that will explain coronavirus survival tips to you, so listen to Fishburne.

High fives to each of these actors for filming videos in the most nondescript locations possible, instead of sitting out on their verandas or giving us wide shots of their huge living rooms while in isolation.

Watch Contagion’s Kate Winslet Teach Handwashing Lessons