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Coronavirus Officially Goes Too Far, Delays The Friends Reunion Special

Photo: Getty Images

If anything can get the whole of America to take social isolation seriously, could it be Friends? According to Deadline, HBO Max has announced that the planned reunion special with the cast of the massively popular sitcom that millions of people cannot stop rewatching will have to be delayed due to coronavirus concerns. It was reportedly supposed to be filmed sometime in the next few weeks, but now will likely not be shot until May at the earliest — the same month HBO Max is set to make its grand launch. But since WarnerMedia paid a sum to the tune of $400 million for the exclusive rights to stream the show, they will at least have the entire library of Friends to offer you, even if you can’t see the cast all talking to each other in the same place at the exact date you planned for in 2020.

Coronavirus Delays The Friends Reunion Special